An Evening with C.S. LEWIS

An Evening with C.S. LEWIS

The year is 1963 and C.S. Lewis, the famous British author, is hosting a group of American writers at his home near Oxford. They are about to experience a captivating evening with a man whose engaging conversation and spontaneous humor made him one of the great raconteurs of his day.

Seated in his living room and he recalls the people and events that inspired his thought and shaped his life; of his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien; why he nearly abandoned the Narnia Chronicles; how he came to embrace Christianity and of the American woman who turned his life upside down.

Described by critics as ‘Extraordinary!’ ‘A Must See!’ ‘A Master Class!’ An Evening with C.S. Lewis has proved again and again to be an enthralling theatrical experience and one which has led many thousands to discover (or rediscover) the continuing impact of a man who died over 50 years ago and whose collected works made him one of the literary giants of the 20th Century.

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Critics' Review

Getting to know someone in an hour-and-a-half sounds optimistic. Yet in An Evening with C.S. Lewis, the famous literary figure is presented as if you already know him. The set, primarily the armchair where he sits drinking tea amongst books and globes and clocks, makes you feel like you’re at your grandparents’ house, listening to your grandfather’s stories. And the brilliant portrayal of Lewis comes from a man who doesn’t seem far off from the real thing.

Review from Chicago Stage Standard

For David Payne, it was a complete mastery of his theatrical gifts, but for us there was no acting. We only saw the genuine representation of CS Lewis or as friends called him; Jack. Payne’s delivery, subtle movements, expressions and his uncanny ability to speak directly to you and stir you up in your seat kept you riveted and vastly entertained.

This show was not a boring memoir of his life, but the telling was so rich in detail that you lost your bearings and experienced what he experienced. The greatest of which were the complexity of his relationships

Review from South Florida Insider

Cast & Creative

David Payne as C.S. Lewis
David Payne as Writer & director