Weep for Joy

Weep for Joy

When the famous British writer, C S Lewis, met the American writer Joy Gresham a meeting of the minds soon became a meeting of the heart. Here is a heartwarming story of two people from two different worlds who find themselves thrown together thanks to a mutual love of literature. Friendship, however, soon turns into love and love into a marriage filled with great happiness and much hilarity. But dark days were ahead when Joy was struck down with terminal cancer plunging both into a very uncertain future. Joy facing death itself and Lewis facing the prospect of life without the woman who had changed his life. You will laugh, you may shed tears as you see two people drawing on each other in the happiest and bleakest days of life.

Here is an excerpt from the play Weep for Joy.

David Payne as CS Lewis (Jack) and Gregory Williams Welsch as his brother Warnie.

Lewis gets another letter from an American admirer!

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Cast & Creative

David Payne as C.S. Lewis
Jordan Scott as Joy Gresham
Gregory Williams Welsch as Warnie Lewis
David Payne as Writer & Director